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Good afternoon!

I have an containment problem.

If you view the web page using a browser width more than 1200px, all looks well. However, if you scrunch the width to less than 1200px, the entire right-hand container disappears below the sidebar. The header and footer are behaving like they should.

What I'm trying to accomplish is a fixed-width (180px) sidebar and a scaling right-hand column.

With this in mind, I have two questions:

1: How do I fix the issue of the right-hand side dropping below the sidebar at less than 1200px?

2: How do I set a minimum width before a scroll bar appears at the bottom? (I don't want to right column to shrink to less than, say, 500px.)

I have an additional question, as well: If I jink the type sizes too much, the text in the right column will overflow the sides of the container. How do I make sure that the text will remain contained regardless of the size?

I've been testing this using IE10, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari (on an iPad).

Any help would be appreciated.

Jason A Schulz