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Thank you for taking the time to review my CSS and offer suggestions....

It is the combination of two graphic designs. I could only get the home page / logo / header done. The rest of the site was my "guess" on what the graphic designers would have done.

I did most of the PSD to CSS. The PSD to HTML was done by development team. They did the initial CSS. They are a big fan of the 960grid system. I was at first, but when I realized you can do more with straight up display / position etc.... I'm moving away. I've been learning CSS for the last 6 months or so... I'm in love....

Link to the "main" css file...


I'm looking for criticism on consistency, fonts, spacing, layout, optimization. I think I'm ok with cross platform. I develop on chrome / safari. I test on XP with IE 8.

I realize a few things:
My CSS is spaghetti code. Due to the lack of classes on each page, i have to do a lot to get specfiic on elements for design. I have not properly documented my CSS file, I"m in the process of ordering it and commenting it properly.

The more CSS I do the more I hate IE. plain and simple...


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I'm not sure if you want me

I'm not sure if you want me to look at the site in the thread title or just the CSS so I did both. Considering the simplicity of the layout in the site I'd say the CSS is unnecessarily convoluted. The markup wasn't much better, total divitis.

Maybe all those unnecessary divs are required by this grid system you mention and if so, I agree with you, I'm not a fan.

If the live site is not the one we're talking about perhaps moving this to "CSS Layouts" instead of "Site Checks" along with a copy of the PSD would be in order.