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I styled the appearance of the hyperlink (i am styling based on BluePrint css framework) like this:

a:focus, a:hover {color:#ff8b00;text-decoration:none;}
a {color:#005c8a;text-decoration:none;}

For some of the links from the page i want to change the other states than hover/focus to color#fff;

It seems can't do this without redefining all the states as:
.t9_lcp_g1 a:focus, .t9_lcp_g1 a:hover {color:#ff8b00;}
.t9_lcp_g1 a, .t9_lcp_g1 a {color:#797979;}

I tried to style just :link, :visited states but doesn't seems to work...

How can i overwrite just the non-hover/focus states ?