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I have recently taken over our church's website and have done quite a bit of work on it so far, but I am definitely a beginner to CSS. For our Events page, I use the Event Calendar plugin. (Link to Events page: http://www.newbfc.com/events/). I am trying to figure out how to change the font color and background color where it says "April 2019" (and all subsequent months) so that it doesn't show as white font on gray background in the boxes. I think there is a conflict between the CSS for the plugin and the CSS for the theme I'm using. I already know where to go to customize the theme, but I'm not sure what the code would be to change this.

If possible, I would like to do the same thing on the Messages page (http://www.newbfc.com/resources/) so that the background of the boxes is not white. The plugin for that page is the Sermon Manager.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Smile

Thank you!

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Check your plugin

Check your plugin I think that plugin is not working properly
9th class result 2019