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Dear All,

perhaps an easy to solve problem, but even after trying repeatedly I was not successful:

Below the navigation area of my site, the CONTENT area begins with 12 images including subtext being floated left and shown as a 4x3 matrix (LINK: http://www.golfanatics.de/J3/)

As you can see, this Content Area (as a WHOLE, i.e. div.jrDirView) is not centered, but aligned left. What do I have to do in order to center the jrDirView element, while EACH of the floated images and subtext remain aligned left themselves.


Thank you in advance for any hint you may have for me.


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Hey Ralph, There appears to

Hey Ralph,

There appears to be a negative margin of 20px on the row class, which is messing with the centering. The .row class appears to be part of a grid. You could target it when it's inside main-content like,

.main-content .row {
    margin: 0 auto;

That centers it better, try adjusting the padding/margins on the inner divs to get it just right.