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Web Designing is an ever evolving field. The way web design is done as well as the looks change every now & then because of the introduction of new technologies, methodologies, trends and styles. Because of this evolution, a new design framework has been introduced which is known as the Cards Design. Card Designs are being utilized everywhere these days for example in travel booking websites, Facebook, Twitter and E-Commerce websites.

As the name suggests, Cards are basically same like greeting cards i.e. rectangular shaped small boxes with interactive images and written information. Cards have become really popular because they clearly state the message they are expected to give to audience. Cards are being adopted at a very gradual rate because of responsiveness, clear aesthetics, and usability.

Cards are sometimes thought of and imagined in a wrong way but it is to be made clear that card design are not just a simple design or a rectangular representation of pictures and information. Cards are not just to be looked at. Cards perform functions when clicked on; they either open a new detailed information page or flip to view information on their backside.

Cards basically follow the greeting cards properties i.e. information is not only on the front of the card but also on the backside of the cards. Cards not always just show extra information when clicked on. They can even show some links of the sub-topics, on which you can click to view the information you desire to read or view. Cards act as a small interface that opens a gateway to next page of information. Cards provide beautiful designs along with increased functionality of a website.


Cards have been evolving since their introduction. With new innovational techniques and creativity, various categories or types of cards have been introduced lately. There are many core types of the card designs like magazines, grids, flat designs & pin-style design formats.

Flat Design

Flat design basically is a two dimensional card style in which the planes are shown flatly one above other but they never intersect. It is a great way to shown colorful cards which look attractive and eye-catching. Flat design involves use of gradients, shadows & textures of skeuomorphism involving design methodologies.

Magazine Style

This is one of the most beautiful & impressive card style but it requires a quite perfect balance of all the elements to make this design an eye-catching & interesting design. It works in the same way a movie release i.e. firstly a trailer is shown with the help of an image in a block & when you click on it real movie starts by showing the detailed information on a new page or website. It is basically utilized in media industry i.e. by websites of newspapers and magazine brands. This can be really very useful in heavy content websites like blog, portfolio or day to day updated websites.

Pin Style

This style is basically adopted from Pinterest and was vastly used in WordPress themes. This style was basically used for linking and small parts of website but with the passing time, it has become very useful for linking in images, videos, forms and social media sharing platforms. These cards also include mini interactions like when someone likes your picture, you are notified on Instagram.

Grid Style

As the name suggests, grid style is the one in which block are displayed in a grid all over the webpage. These boxes can be used to show only images or images with information.

Thus all these card styles have modified the way web design used to be done. These styles are efficient as well as effective. One can easily choose one or more card designs for his website according to the requirements.

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You're kidding, right?

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We normally do not allow spam on this forum, and quickly delete it; especially those from a falsely declared location.

In this case I will leave it up as an example of really poor web coding. Seriously, 38 scripts and 14 style sheets totaling more than 3 megaBytes?


If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.

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It is new for me i have been searching lot of new design but this one different kind of thing i appreciated keep it up.

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Misconceptions regarding Flat Design

Thank you very much for sharing web styles related article with us. I really appreciate your research in the web industry. I am also a web designer at Branex. I have a question regarding the flat design is it still have any worth, I read an article where the author called flat design as expired.