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Hello all,

New to CSS here,

I am using a pre-made free template for my site and and everything about it is perfect for me except for the comment form.

I dont really need a comment form but I do need a Contact form.

Is it possible to turn the comment form into a contact form and if so how would I do that?

And if it is possible how do I then sync the contact form to my email?

Here is the page in question. Contact
I have modified the text to read Contact but it is still a comment form.


//mod edit: This is not a css issue. Moving to "off topic". ~gt

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Mid-tier scripting

As a contact form, simply change the text as needed and be sure that the needed info has a place to live in the form. The real difference occurs at the server where the form data is manipulated.



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This is actually fairly

This is actually fairly common if you are using Wordpress. We have seen several other development companies do this as a way to track contacts in the admin area. The only problem is when you are letting people comment on other pages too. Then it gets a bit confusing as the comments/contacts get mingled.

With that said. Are you coding the site onto a CMS solution or are you leaving it as a static html/css page?