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We're creating a website for someone at the moment and against our better judgement, they want the splash/homepage to be a layout of large images of their projects that then links through to the main site. This is obviously very SEO unfriendly as there will be no text whatsoever on the page. We normally do image replacement CSS rollovers, but is there a way that we can use CSS so that when you rollover the image, there is a paragraph of text behind it, with links etc? My partner who's the technical side of things, has only been able to manage to this currently with Javascript replacement and this is obviously a search engine no no. Any help? Any examples?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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You're confusing two things.

You're confusing two things. Search engine spiders don't see images, don't bother applying css and don't run javascript. Turn all those things off (in Firefox, possible using Web Developer Toolbar; other browsers may have their own mechanisms) and look at the page. That is what the spider sees.

There are at least two easy methods to put text content into the page, but keep it from messing with what is shown in visual browsers, image alt text & off left.

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Search engines read alt

Search engines read alt attributes just fine and assign pretty much the same weight to it so just give the images relevant alt text.

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