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Hi guys.

Here's my problem: I'd prefer Gill Sans over Arial. So I've got my line font-family:"gill sans",arial,sans-serif; in place, and it works fine. Gill Sans is loaded and seems to work. However, it's noticeably smaller and less heavy than Arial, so I'd like to specify a weight and size for each font individually, so that they display roughly interchangeably. At the moment I'm left with a bunch of whitespace because of Gill Sans' diminutive size. Obviously I can't work with the assumption that everyone has Gill Sans installed, so how can I rectify this?

Thanks a bunch.

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I think you can't, but if you

I think you can't, but if you find a way tell us!

Ed Seedhouse
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The Web is not paper.

The Web is not paper. Nothing you can do will make it into paper.

The sooner you come to terms with this and learn that you cannot control what you users will see the sooner you will become a decent web developer. The longer you cling to your rigid ideas of how your web pages "should" look the longer you will continue to be a bad web developer.

Have a look through the Truth and Consequences web site, and read every page, it isn't long.

Ed Seedhouse

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