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Hey mods, gurus, and everybody else.
Just trying to put a feeler out there if anyone is interested in some WordPress theme development work.
Not looking for hardcore programmers, but someone who is comfortable with WP theme development and willing to learn more as they do it more, please feel free to send me a PM.

It's paid work, if you could give me an idea of your standard pricing, that would be awesome.
Not working with huge budget sites here, so I won't be able to pull off the $110 an hour developers, but if you're able to work with flat rates, feel free to chime in!

** Mods, if this breaks a rule I forgot about, feel free to PM me and delete this thread **


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I'm an experienced WP and

I'm an experienced WP and BuddyPress developer, plugin author, committing developer for a pro WP events plugin project, all round wit and not at all expensive @ $109.50 ph

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I am available for your work

I am available for your work any time you need.you check my profile on odesk.com my odesk profile name is waseem jan so you call me interview there and we work in relax environment.i am professionally software engineer.