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Hey Tony,

Have you recently increased the Spam Filter settings or something?
I haven't seen the spam filter in a long time and as of the past couple of days ever single post I make sets off the filter... Puzzled

EDIT: Including this post...

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I don't think Tony's back

I don't think Tony's back till Monday or Tuesday.

However the same thing happened to me a few days ago - it simply decided everything I wanted to post was spam and basically locked me out. Could not post at all for about 36 hours and yes, like your post above it was just plain text.

Mods and gurus – THANK YOU!
For your time, knowledge and experience so willingly and generously given.
Please come back tomorrow and sort us all out again Smile

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The spam filter learns from

The spam filter learns from usage.
before I went on holiday I marked a couple of spam and that had got through.
Possible it now is now picking up more then it should.