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I have always valued the feedback from this community! Today I present to you a proposed redesign of an existing website http://www.bobsboattrailers.com

The new design comp can be viewed here - http://www.curtisscott.com/clients/bbt.png I know the logo really needs some work and I am working on some different design comps for this. Over all I'm looking for feedback on the UI and the overall look and feel of the site.


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I actually prefer the

I actually prefer the original logo, obviously cleaned up a bit and I get a better feeling from the original site too even if it's a bit dated.

It's "Bob's Boat Trailers" the name alone makes it sound friendly, "need a boat trailer, go to Bob's", "I got my trailer down in Bob's in Norfolk" I think your new design takes that away, its become generic boat trailer company #232.

If it was me I'd reuse the old logo and try to keep away from making the site too sterile.