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I'm working on my Blogger Blog. Long way to go,considering that if you want to achieve a decent look, it's all about code. So far been doing it by myself using all the tutorials i can find. My blog is about love letters,but i find inspiration of design from the blogs that i read/use on a daily bases.

I got two questions/issues

1. I need a Recent Post Auto-repeat Slideshow on the main page,that will show up to 4-6 posts at the same time.
I found related help here: However is kinda far from what i need.Very far.

2. I want to arrange images in a post by clicking on a tab (link i guess you can call it)
You can click on server 1,2,3 go to another tab ,but you are still in the same post.
I will ad images instead of video links,but you get the idea.

Can you relate me to code such as the one that i need ,from a website (that teaches step by step how to do this) ?
Or show me here the code that i need to make this happen ?