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I am familiar with html,css and a little bit of javascript.Blogging in blogspot blogger.

Now I want to build a website profesionally in a registered domain and hosting.

Now Say my website has three column,
left side column ,and right sidebar column for navigation and ads and Links also the top menu too.
--The middle column is wider and it will be used for content.
My concern is that If I create 50 pages ,its okay with the content they will not be needed to edit or add something.

Say my side bar has This menus or links - CSS,HTML,JAVASCRIPT.Now if I like to add new item HTML5 and CSS3 then what will happen.
Should i go through all of my existing pages and then add this items in menu and side bar.
I thoughtiframe is a solution but heard tht it is no recommended.

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You need to read up on using

You need to read up on using server includes either SSI, PHP includes or the asp versions.

Using includes means that every page does not have the same replicated content or markup. Where you have #sidebar marked up you would remove it and place in it's own file sidebar.php then where the sidebar markup was you replace with <?php include(/my/path/to/file/sidebar.php); ?> which calls in the markup to the page, this you do for every page; this way you maintain one file that all pages use and only have to change something once for all 50 files to reflect the change.

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