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Hello all,
Needless to say, I am fairly new to site design. I am trying to build a site using WordPress with an Aloha Theme I purchased. I made a change to the background and was able to upload it without any problems. However, it still seems to double/tile on the right side. After doing some research, I found the required code to add to the body to keep from tiling. On my WordPress editor I found that the css.php section was the only place I could find the body and background codes to edit and proceeded to add the no-repeat, but to no avail. Below is the css code:

background: #000  if($rt_hd_panel_options['background'] == "") { url( bloginfo('template_url');/images/background.jpg)  } else { url( echo $Aloha_bg_image; ) } background-repeat: no-repeat top center fixed !important;

The following is my site:

Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated, thank you.