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I cannot seem to get the yellow background color of "itemcontainer" div to fully surround all 3 div elements when I compress my browser to smaller size like for example 500pixels browser width.


the bright yellow color only surrounds the first div element. Does anyone have any idea how i can surround all div elements with the yellow background color when browser is compressed smaller size ?

<div class="hr"></div> 
<div class="itemcontainer">
<div class="leftcat"><img src="img/bonus_image.png" width="125" height="127" alt="image5" /></div><div class="catbox"><p>Nunc auctor bibendum eros. Maecenas porta accumsan mauris. Etiam enim enim, elementum sed, bibendum quis, rhoncus non, metus. Fusce neque dolor, adipiscing sed, consectetuer et, lacinia sit amet, quam. Suspendisse wisi quam, <a href="#">consectetuer in</a>, blandit sed, suscipit eu, eros. Etiam ligula enim, tempor ut, blandit nec, mollis eu, lectus. Nam cursus. Vivamus iaculis. Aenean risus purus, pharetra in, blandit quis, gravida a, turpis. Donec nisl. Aenean eget mi. Fusce mattis est id diam. Phasellus faucibus interdum sapien. Duis quis nunc. Sed enim.</p></div>
<div class="rightcat"> <p><img src="img/redctabutton.png" width="137" height="54"  alt=""/></p>
<div class="hr"></div>  

.leftcat {float:left;padding:0px;width:130px;margin-top:1.5em;}
.catbox {float:left;border:0px solid;padding-right:2em;width:661px;margin-top:1em;}	
.rightcat {float:right;padding:0px;width:137px;margin-top:2em;}
.itemcontainer {background-color: #FFC;height:175px;}
.itemcontainer2 {background-color:#F0F0F0;height:175px;}

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i see your website i think

i see your website i think you are solved that issue?
your site also looks good