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We have an aviation website where we have merged all the css into one. BUt there is a problem. With the site growing, the css is becoming unused and we are losing our page speed. Is there any cloud or distribution network which will do this automatically, like akamai we heard does some caching or something or is there some php script that does this. Please Please help

Ed Seedhouse
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Alas, your site uses many bad

Alas, your site uses many bad design practises, such as many uncorrected html and CSS syntax errors, along with the poor practice of using tabls to layout major page elements, along with other bad practices, so that it really requires a redesign from the ground up. Your problems are, alas, typical of such badly designed sites.

Sorry to bring such bad news so early in the year, but I believe it's best you should recognize the truth early on. There is no simple solution but, in my opinion, a complete redesign and recode is really required.

If you wrote this site yourself you'll either have to accept the results or re-learn web design from the ground up. If someone else wrote it for you you can try getting the money back and giving it to someone who really knows how to do a site correctly. Good luck with that...

Perhaps someone here with more knowlege about design will correct me and give you better news, but I am afraid very pessimistic about the design of your site and the cost of correcting it. Sorry to be so negative on a morning when I don't even have a proper hangover as an excuse.

Ed Seedhouse

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