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First off, I did trying and search, but I guess my terms maybe wrong, making my search string wrong also. Also I am a complete newbie, so please keep that in mind too Big smile

Now, I have a css file, with multiple css files within that one css file (using the normal "@import url..." etc. thats all fine. but I like to keep my coding and css clean and I am real anal about this. thats why I have a text.css and container.css.

Inside text.css I have style information for my footer for example.
inside container.css I have the container information for footer too for example.

my question is, CAN I, and if so how, can is say:

footer container should also use the styling of footer.

does that make sense?

basically I want to pre-define font, font color, etc for the footer container so that its all uniformed for the footer.

I dont mind merging that two (so the text stylings information in the container.css if thats what has to be done as a last resort, but would rather keep the separate.

Thanks for yalls help in advance.