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So this year I've decided to become a certified amateur radio operator (HAM) and have started a four month course, two nights a week and some Saturdays.

So I wondered if anyone who uses the board here is, or is planning to be, a ham as well as a web designer. If so maybe we'll have a QSO someday via IRLP.

I confess I do little real web design anymore. I maintain three sites for volunteer organizations and I confess I am using Wordpress 3 with the "Weaver" theme which practically makes it it's own CMS. And (shudder) some of my pages don't validate. Never thought I'd confess to that, did you?

Ed Seedhouse

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Wow! Have you ever aged. :)

Hi Ed,

I was first licensed in the early seventies as a technician class amateur (wd5dri), and later, as my interests moved toward CW and message handling, upgraded to advanced class (as kk5st). Many here will remember my erstwhile nick, gary.kk5st.

An unfortunate bout with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (Google is your friend) left me unable to handle the key, or write or type fast enough to enjoy my hobby. I let my license lapse in 2005.

I miss ham radio, but web site trouble shooting, this and other forums, and various science and political blogs I follow have pretty much filled the technical and inter-personal voids left by no longer doing radio1.



1. I still haven't found the thrill that comes from copying a transmission that's below the noise on 80 meters in mid summer, which is the band of choice because the sun-spot cycle is at a low and the quieter bands are dead. (Hint: you have to sense the color of the noise.)

If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.

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Well that explains the kk5st

Well that explains the kk5st ... always wondered about that Smile

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