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what I want is to have an image arrow animate down infinitely, this is working, but I do not want to have it bounce back, I found css3 code, but the bounce back is the issue:

    @-moz-keyframes slide{
      0% {-moz-transform: translateY(-10px;);}
      90% {-moz-transform: translateY(5px);}
      100% {-moz-transform: translateY(-10px);}
   .slideshow img
        animation: slide 5s infinite;
This is working only I want to remove the bounce back part (In animated gif it works the scroll down ends and it starts from the start up without bouncing back, this is the effect I want to create
Many Thanks

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Try this:

0% { -moz-transform: translateY(0); }
100% { -moz-transform: translateY(200px); visibility:hidden; }

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