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Hey there CSS pr0's!

--- Intro story, no need to read Tongue ---
When I was in school (about 9 years ago now) I was really into HTML. This was purely a recreational pass-time but I made dozens of small web projects and became what you might call 'fluent' in HTML. Many years later, after leaving school, a friend of mine asked me to make a web page for him for his dog psychology business venture. I jumped at the chance of making a quick 200 quid and helping a mate out. I quickly found out that the ways of simple HTML had become more of an arcane art, linked with CSS and all these rather strict rules for styling and shaping your site that you must adhere to if you wanted your site to pass W3C validation.

After much reading and chopping-and-changing the design ideas of the site that I was creating I finally passed a fully validated site through W3C and my friend was happy with the results.

In short, I am not as good at HTML as I once was, and this strange art of Cascading Style Sheets I find fascinatingly useful but much harder to get my head around certain concepts.

Anyways, a few years on, my computer illiterate boss at a small local fast-food company asked if I could whip him up a quick Facebook page with our pizza+kebab menu. He offered me a small, insignificant amount of money in return. With me being on a rather crap wage anyways I thought I'd try and take the tight-fisted sod to the cleaners on this one and told him that I could make him a grand, all singing, all dancing webpage for a couple of hundred quid (inclusive of domain name and a years hosting charges). He agreed.

To save time I jumped right onto a templates website and pinched a rather cool looking (free) fast food template and started to hack it up in Dreamweaver and Photoshop. So far I am rather impressed with the results, though it has took me a lot longer than I had hoped.

--- The Problem. Read this. Smile ---
Before I start here's some useful stuffs. If you have any problems accessing the code then please let me know.
Temp site address:
Temp site CSS link:

The template I have used to create this site was an almost entirely CSS based site Shock. It has a fancy little folded page effect at the bottom of the page that is created using 2divs. One of the divs (called "templatemo_content" on my CSS and html) is more of a content area background image of some fancy shading that makes the folds at the bottom of the page look more natural.

The second div (called "templatemo_container_end" on the CSS and html) conatins the actual folded paper effect image. and goes at the bottom of the page content.

The problem I found was if I made a longer page the "templatemo_content" div would sit higher up on the page and between it and "templatemo_container_end" would be a big ugly whiteness.

After much faffing around I managed to squeeze all my content needed into the index.html page perfectly with all the CSS working fine and the swagga folded page effect intact. However for all the longer menu pages i decided to hack away at the HTML divs and turn almost all the page below the menu into simpleton HTML with n00bie tables and the image from the "templatemo_container_end" div simply pasted in as an image tag. Cheap trick I know, but rather effective. However this left me with so smoothing effect from "templatemo_content" (as I had deleted it's div due to me not knowing to to integrate it properly)

So FINALLY.... here's my actual question. Is there any way that I can get my "templatemo_content" div working again without too much effort... or will my boss have to just put up with a rather choppy page effect at the bottom of all the pages except the index page?

If you have no idea what the hell I'm on about then just look at the page and you'll see what I mean. index.html seems to be fine, but the rest of the pages are not. The pizza menu page, "Pmenu.html" is my lame attempt at trying to get the div to work but failing horribly like a king of n00bs.

Many thanks for taking the time out to read my ramblings (if anyone actually did). I won't be too surprised if all I get in reply is tl;dr. lol. I'm finally going to try and get some much needed sleep that will probably be haunted by nightmares of phantom "div" tags, poor scripting, pizza menu's, and cascading style sheets. Arrrrgh!! Shock Shock Shock

- Lee (the pizza boy) Cool