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I'm using a 2012 child theme on my site and the homepage is home. The homepage uses frontpage template.

The homepage ought to look like this: http://tinypic.com/r/2m5mjc1/6 AND http://tinypic.com/r/314rnu9/6

The homepage layout is 2 columns: a left column and a main column but the html code I'm using is placing the main column below the left column. The html code is http://pastebin.com/LAieyDMw

Could someone help me fix this?

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A table based layout?

Why ever for?


If your web page is as clever as you can make it, it's probably too clever for you to debug or maintain.

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befree22 wrote: Could someone

befree22 wrote:

Could someone help me fix this?

Hi befree22,

If I am being completely honest here, maybe registering with CSSC and your first post out the box, asking for someone to fix your site - may fall on deaf ears. Forgive me if my assessment is wrong, it may just be a poor choice of words?

Personally, I came here as a beginner to CSS and wanted to move away from the old table structure of web page coding. I have a long journey ahead, but I am definitely happy that I am now working with CSS. If you code from scratch (I know you mentioned Frontpage) ... but I would peronally consider getting your teeth into CSS, as I have and enjoying the learning curve.

Parallel to part of your problem, I had groups of data not holding position, but once I understood the basics of CSS (particularly DIVS and positioning tags - it was relatively easy to put right).

I would imagine, the experts will help you out, when they realise you are making your own efforts, but need gentle pointers, so please consider that route.

Hope this helps!

All the best,
Cal Smile