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This is a browser specific issue.

I have a webpage that has CSS the last div tag on the main page has an id row5
it contains an AJAX routine that loads a certain set of code into the div tag depending on what a user clicks
Each of these sets of code each contain their own CSS for the particular page. Now in Mozilla and Safari everything works fine but in IE8 the code get sent across but none of the CSS is being used I simply see the unstyled data.

The CSS for the orginal page does not contain any CSS coding set up for the new pages as I said it is all self contained in the data set processed in the AJAX call.
As I said Mozilla and Safari process it as expected but not in IE8

I tried loading the block of CSS styling in the main page so that it would exist in the main page and then let the Cascading aspect of CSS function work by letting the AJAX call get the file see the CSS code and process it overwriting the original main page CSS styles but it still does not load in IE8 but does in Mozilla and Safari.

Am I missing something about IE and AJAX processing of CSS.