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Hey everyone!

Got a CSS problem I'm not quite sure how to resolve. I've got a web page that is employing Timemap.js: (

All is working well...except I cannot get the page to enforce my request for two particular features:

height: 200px;

...lines 138-139 and 146-147 in the pages code. Timemap doesn't recognize the page's overall CSS styling when inserting extra columns (as this page does). So the author of the Timemap.js tool recommended setting up (with the myTable specs in the page's CSS). Works for most of the settings, but *NOT* for the height or overflow-y: scroll attributes. His next suggestion was to wrap the table code inside

tags with the specifications...but that doesn't work either. So his NEXT suggestion? Check with CSS experts to see if they have any ideas. Smile

So here I am! Hopefully someone will take a couple minutes to recommend another solution for the display of table information that will work. Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance. - Derek