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Hello, all. I have a question about adding a link to the image caption in a gallery. In the photo gallery I'm working on, each large photo is displayed by clicking a thumbnail. When each large image is displayed by clicking its thumbnail, it needs to have its own unique image caption. Not that complicated, it is the next part that has me confused...

My issue is adding a LINK inside the image caption.

I've found examples of adding an image caption to a clickable gallery. However, they only work with only text in the caption, not adding a text link in there. Each method I found has fallen short because often many "captions" are actually in the code as an attribute of the thumbnail link. It cannot work because you cannot have a link inside of a link in the code. It has been this way with the Lightbox gallery and a few other examples I have attempted.

Can anyone think of an example I could study or do you have a suggestion for me? I am wanting to add a link in the text of an image caption, inside a thumbnail-clickable image gallery.

I hope this is not too obvious of a question, as I am a student. I looked through all my books and searched online. Maybe there is a name for this type of gallery I can Google? I don't expect yall to write code for me, but I would much appreciate if somebody pointed me in the right direction! Many thanks! Smile