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So the question is somewhat self explanatory.

My earlier sites were all relative. But as I have implemented more PHP and some other things that consolidate directories I have begun to rely almost exclusively on Absolute.

I don't really have a preference. I know it takes longer and adds weight to the code. But I find it more "sure" for my personal needs.

As it is something I came to consider today. It has opened a host of questions.

It does increase page weight.
1. Does it effect SEO?
2. Does it have disadvantages besides additional time and weight?

I find it has some organizational advantages.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons.


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i prefer Absolute URLS, it

i prefer Absolute URLS, it leaves less room for error, and more php friendly. I believe it adds weight to the code, but not enough where anybody will notice. I believe Absolute URLS are best when searching for images through google, or another search provider. I dont think the images will show up in the image search results with relative paths.

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I nearly always use relative

I nearly always use relative paths, not for any particular reason it's just the way I started and so it's how I go on.

CTJ, I just did a search for some images that I have on my sites using relative paths and they do show up, one less thing to worry about Smile

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I enjoy relative paths, for

I enjoy relative paths, for the selfish reason that I end up moving sites all the time, and don't want to recode every silly image path. And yes, I already know that I can do SQL updates, and do that sometimes. (Wordpress, I'm talkin to you!) Smile

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I'm an American. A free man.

I'm an American. A free man. I can choose either, or none, or both. I guess my answer is I use what's required.

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About the only advantage I

About the only advantage I can see in using absolute links is that it makes it harder for people to steal your content. For example, somebody ripped off a couple of articles from my site once. They were pretty lazy about it though, they just copied the whole contents of the article without editing anything which contained links to other pages on my site, which meant I got a pingback from the site to alert me to the fact.

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