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hi everyone
I ma just about to go live with my site, www.thecarguru.co.za however I am having a css issue in my wordpress blog running on the site www.thecarguru.co.za/blog2/

it seams that my footer decides to display in the middle of my posts when viewed in full, this only happens in IE 7 and below, I have tried to figure out whats going on but I am at a loss

could anyone please have a look and possibly point out exactly how retarded I am being


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Id start by fixing your

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Grant, don't remove your arm,

Grant, don't remove your arm, that would be so untidy!

Validation may indeed help! Beyond that, whenever I see this type of thing, IE is a suspect based on the fact that it often must be told the height of things, or it will work unpredictably.

I do see a couple red flags to look at, although I don't see an easy fix. Liquid layouts, while laudable in principle, are not my specialty.

#main is floating, so in some circumstances IE will think it has no height. This is usually the scenario I see when IE is sticking something God-knows-where. (you also have "display: inline;" on this DIV, which I'm thinking is largely redundant in this scenario when you already have it floating.) Then again, you do have a clear near the bottom, and I would have thought it would have helped with getting the footer to look right.

I would suggest some flavor of the IE min-height hack for #main, but then #container has an explicit height, so this could get really messy. I even wonder if #container needs (or should have) explicit height.

At least you have a couple ideas to consider. Good luck!