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I want to float three ' Div's ', >> Left Col, Main Content, Right Col <<, within a ' Wrapper Div ' .

Example :

<div id="wrapper">
  <div id="left_col"></div>
  <div id="main_content"></div>
  <div id="right_col"></div>

I understand floats, but the question is, would I float all left? Or float Left Col and Main Content to the left, and the Right Col right?

Also+++ Do I have my Div's within the Div Wrapper correctly in order? I ask because I see that some people always put everything floating to the first and then move towards left.

Thank you....

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Floated elements should come

Floated elements should come before non-floated elements in the source. If you're floating everything, then yes, your source order is fine; however if you wanted only a main column and right column, and floated the right column, it would need to come first in the source.

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