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so i'm having trouble making a 3 column layout on my site. the page in question is here:

i'm using a customized template, and here's what i've got in the text field in the backend:

The Routine Machine
This app lets you create and share your morning routine with your friends. Spray-on deodorant, moustache comb, spot of tea, etc. Then you can browse your friends' routines and make fun of them for using Axe body spray.
The app also recognizes your taste (good or bad) and recommends related content to you — articles, reviews, or just plain old product offers. Lastly, you can customize your dashboard to feed you daily goodies that coincide with your routine.

as you can see, it just stacks the divs instead of floating them next to each other within the 900px container. i combed through the style sheet and can't find what is throwing off the code.