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Hello there,

I'm a new user on the forum and I have a small issue. Here it goes..

I have a vertical menu (one element) with a few objects/tab. it has a background image repeated. I want it to have a border on each side (left and right). However, I can't do this by giving it only border-left and border-right beacuse there is a transparent area around the selected object/tab that is a part of the element.

Since I know I am horrible at explainning myself. I made a small picture that should help understanding.

Hopefully someone will be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance,


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Then you simply bite the

Then you simply bite the bullet and use one extra element to act as a wrapper for this one and to that you add left and right borders. There are times we need to use elements in this way and they don't represent too much in the way of bloat to be worried about; of course whether this will work is open as you haven't shown what markup you are working with.

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