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Hi, I use Opera (verion 12.16) on XP and I use Stylish. I use styles from userstyles.org.. I got 2 questions:

1) I have my settings for webpages set to 'Fit to Width' which is the same as, 'word wrap'. But there are some webpages that I need to turn off word wrap on. What code can I use for a style for a specific webpage to ignore 'word wrap'?

2) I got a style listed below I want to use for just a few sites, not all sites. How can I use it for just a few sites only?

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I am not one to use user

I am not one to use user stylesheets, as I am usually trying to see how the default browser settings render a page. I do set my own default font size, which happens to be the common vendor default. I also set a minimum font size. There are all too many self-styled "web designers" who are complete and utter tools, specifying fine print sizes that would embarrass a lawyer.

All that to say I don't know how to switch user stylesheets, and especially not those setups that use greasemonkey or stylish. Have you tried either vendor for help? This does not appear to be related to css itself, but to an implementer application.



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