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Hello there.

Having a slight problem with a page I'm trying to build.

I noticed when I zoom out in firefox ( using ctrl+ - ) the far right DIV drops.
This only happens when I have a 1 pixel border around each box. Without the borders it works as expected and the DIV does not drop.

- When I apply the 1 pixel border I subtract 2 pixels from the width of each box. Altogether they should come to 960px - the width of the containing DIV.

I've uploaded the page ( with CSS in header ) to:

Any help, much appreciated.


Well, this is strange.

I just had another play with the file.
I increased the border width to 2 px and set the box width to 256 ( - 2 on each side ) ... This worked perfectly. Seems the problem is only with the 1 px width...which happens to be what I need!

Any ideas why the problem only occurs with a 1px border and nothing else?

It's not to much of a problem. As most people will zoom in rather than out. It's just I'm a stickler for details.

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