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Haven't looked at link but

Haven't looked at link but thread title is an obsolete concept. True the phrase was and has been one much banded about and used by developers but it's origin is Print and is thus irrelevant on the web and ought not to be used. The fold, for those that are not aware, refers to broadsheet newspapers that are folded in half; above the fold is the headline downwards and the portion of the paper visible when presented on stands and thus all the eye catching content had to be in that portion.

A web page is designed to scroll down below the fold general users are well aware of this fact and have no problem with scrolling a page vertically. To worry unduly about content being above the fold is outdated.

However... I'll qualify all that with the belief that actually one ought to aim for the pages most important content to be visible, as much as possible, within a reasonable viewport height so the user can, at a glance, see it on page load without having to scroll the viewport. A good example is the slight rise in popularity of the huge deep header that I have noticed, very graphic intensive, looks great, says little, yet occupies two thirds of the viewport height on a users sane browser dimensions.

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