CSS Layout Generator

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Choose column numbers, width and colours for your site then generates the valid html and css files to be used as a template for each page. Updated to support HTML5, November 2010.

Social Share Toolbar

CSS properties

Instructions on how to make a jQuery and CSS3 social site share links toolbar as used on this site.

Browser Support of CSS Properties & Selectors

CSS properties

List of popular browsers, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox Chrome and their first versions to support CSS properties and Selectors

Dynamic Preferences

Gives users control of selected style elements on your site.

Multi Level Menu

A simple multi level drop down menu which uses only CSS for most browsers and minimalist JavaScript with CSS for browsers that require an extra hand. A menu color generator helps you style the menu for your site.

Containing Floats

A CSS technique for fully containing floated elements without adding extra markup.

CSS Generator

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A simple CSS generator that dynamically applies styles as you select them. You can then temporarily apply your chosen styles to another web page. Great tool for beginners experimenting with CSS.