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Any help for Mobile 2 or 4 colum images in landscape


Any help in css for Mobile 2 or 4 colums align images in landscape view. Right now in development stage -

I have not used any code in css for this purpose as yet , but it would nice if any help in this regards.


Links not working in drop down menu

Hi. I'm going a bit loopy. Probably beeen looking at code too long but just cant see what the problem is. My drop down menue for mobile users/small screens displays and nearly works, its just the links in it dont seem to register.
I tried relative and full urls and other tests but ive drawn a bit of a blank
its the bit im concerned with

<div id="header">
  <div class="container"> 
    <!-- Header | Logo, Menu
		================================================== -->

Lightbox working and not working?

I'm working on a gallery/shop of artwork. I did a test page, just lightbox code i found. but when I put it in my actual web page it opens the image but none of the next, back, close links.
Anyone know if theres an obvious reason why this would not work.
i'm guessing its some sort of code clash but im not too hot with this stuff


Different font size for the same button

Hi Friends,
I've a template native css class for button, and would like to insert two texts in the button, the first text can use the template classes, for the second text (which is a disclaimer) I would like set carriage return and smaller text.

The page is this:

and the button should be so:

Actually I've customized the button only here:

.button.colored.outline, .button.colored.solid:hover {
    color: #fff;
.button.colored.outline {
    background-color: #cf9f24;

Hide menu home slider and active it when page scroll down ?

Hide menu home slider and active it when page scroll down

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