Cascading Style Sheets

I need an expert on CSS&HTML

Please don't say I should have multi line indented coding. My text editor allows deleting & copying a line very easily.

I have narrowed down my problem to the following;

/*1*/<style type="text/css"> .in { position: fixed; width: 100%; left:70%; top: 26%; } </style>
/*2*/<style type="text/css"> .sh { position: fixed; width: 100%; left: 40%; top: 26%; } </style>
/*4*/<div class="in"> <select name="inout" style="width: 10%; height: 5mm"; >
/*5*/<option value="">Select</option>
/*6*/<option  value="in">In</option>
/*7*/<option  value="out">Out</option>

CSS alignment issue. IE only

My website developed by the Bootstrap4, but the page is confusing on IE, is there any way to solve this problem quickly?

Does hiding content using CSS will affect the site ranking?

In my website using the CSS properties like display: none and visibility: hidden - I hidden links and text on the website, but suggest that it will harm the website SEO factors. I was wondering is there any other ways to hide content on the website without CSS.

Basic CSS question


I just started playing around with CSS and have looked at resources online, but have problems with some basics, like nested selectors:



a {color: black;}
.classA {color: red;}
.classA a {color: blue;}
.classA .classA2 {color: green;]
.classA .classA2 h1 {color: light green;]
.classA .classA2 a {color: dark green;]
.classB {color: yellow;}
.classA .classB h1 {color: magenta;}
.classA a, .classB h1, .classC span {color: magenta;}


<a class="classA" href="">Link 1 </a>
<a class="classA classB" href="">Link 2 </a>

Custom Cursor in Big Cartel

I'm trying to put a different cursor on my Big Cartel site but have never done anything with CSS. I've been copying the CSS coding from various cursor websites and pasting it into the CSS on my Big Cartel site but none of them are working. Here are some examples of the codes that I'm putting in:

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