Cascading Style Sheets

Custom Cursor in Big Cartel

I'm trying to put a different cursor on my Big Cartel site but have never done anything with CSS. I've been copying the CSS coding from various cursor websites and pasting it into the CSS on my Big Cartel site but none of them are working. Here are some examples of the codes that I'm putting in:

"Failed to decode downloaded font & incorrect file size in WOFF header" errors occur


After doing TFS Reverse Proxy using HTTPModule & changing the URL from to, the new site is working, but the images in the screen are not shown.

The images are not shown because in console window of web browser, following errors are shown:

Failed to decode downloaded font:,

Using CSS & SVG Filters to Create Retro Text Effects

Hi guys,

I just love 80s design and I think that you can really see a big come back of the 80s in today's design. I am a programmer and I'm also a Photoshop graphic designer. I thought why not combine my 2 skills and with the help of CSS and SVG filters to try and reproduce a few 80s retro text effects using only CSS & SVG filters.

I basically searched for free 80s fonts, transformed them into web fonts and then started to create these text effects using SVG filters

Check out the full article for the Codepen demos and source code:

DIV hover change sizing - showing text

Hey guys, I wanna ask you how to make some div with hover with one will change sizes and after that some text will show up becouse
text is too big for div in basic size.
Thanks for some help.

placeholder css


I have form form's placeholder set to

::-webkit-input-placeholder { opacity:1!important; }
::-moz-placeholder { opacity:1!important; }
:-ms-input-placeholder { opacity:1!important; }
:-moz-placeholder { opacity:1!important; }

However it doesn't seem to be working for android device or for safari.
Is there something I'm missing? Link to page -

Hope someone can help Smile

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