Cascading Style Sheets

Can I use CSS to bring a Frontpage 4.0 site into the 21st century?

I've been asked to be honorary editor of an online magazine and I'm trying to bring it up to date. As well as writing and editing content, I want to look at using a css file for styling and to bring in Bootstrap for display on different devices. The magazine was born in an age when phones were dumb or dumber and everyone viewed pages on a desktop!

I only have basic knowledge of CSS and a reasonable familiarity with HTML, sufficient to know when something is inefficient! Some parts I cannot change, ie the corporate style.

Grid width change on user action

Is it possible for a column width to be changed based on a user action without page refresh.

For example, I have a collapsible table. If it's collapsed by the user, I want to the column width to adjust to say 30px, when it's not I want it at say 300px.

The default is open at 300px

Having a minmax value doesn't seem to change it.

How to prevent stretched text when using scaleY(2)?

Hello, this is my first post! Great site!

I am stuck with stretched text as a result of applying transform: scaleY(2).

I have the following html:

<div class="item-box">
    <div class="category-item">
        <h2 class="title">
            <a href="#" title="Show product">
        <div class="picture">
            <a href="#" title="Show product">
                <img alt="Picture for product" src="path" title="Show product">

And the CSS:

Need Help - Wordpress theme is darkening Front Page background images

Hello all! The Wordpress theme I use is darkening (tinting) the images I'm using as a slideshow on my main page. I have 3 images loaded into the "Front Page Widget" area that cycles on my home page. I'm a newbie to CSS but I'm searched the stylesheet and can't seem to find what I need to change so the true colors are seen. Any help would be appreciated!

My website:
Theme name: Imagely - Ansel
I've reached out to the theme maker and they were of no help.



Is there a good CSS reference with information about browser compatibility

I decided to create maximally backwards compatible website, so it should work on legacy systems (including old IE), and smartphones using responsive web design. I know that CSS was gradually implemented in previous versions of browsers, but I can't find information (reference) about CSS features supported in previous versions of popular browsers. What is the best website or a book that describe the chronology of CSS implementation?

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