Cascading Style Sheets


CSS gives web designers the power to style many pages simply and to change the look of a whole site in one place. If you look at a site as a whole you can simplify your style sheets and make them smaller and easier to maintain.

Let's look at the basic structure of a rule to make the rest of the explanation easier to understand.
There are different types of selectors which I am not going into here except to say that you can have multiple selectors separated by a comma.


CSS Layout Generator

CSS layout Generator thumb

Choose column numbers, width and colours for your site then generates the valid html and css files to be used as a template for each page. Updated to support HTML5, November 2010.

Contained Floats, the clearfix technique

Author: Tony Aslett
First created 8-May-2004

There is a large and growing movement by web developers and designers towards web standards. Part of that movement focuses on clean mark-up, which has many long term benefits such as easier maintenance, lighter pages and better support by browsers of the future.

Dynamic User Preference Script

Tony Aslett
16 January 2005
Last Updated 25 July 2005

The User Preference Script, allows your visitors to choose color, background-color, font-size and font-family or with a little editing just about any style you wish.

How is this different to other style sheet switchers

Most other style switchers, switch between alternative style sheets, this one adds the rules dynamically to an existing stylesheet. There is nothing wrong with providing alternate stylesheets for your site and if you have a few different themes alternate style sheets are the way to go. Where this script differs is that you don't write alternate style sheets, you just provide some form of control for your visitors to apply different style rules. There can be as many different choices as you like.


This is a CSS Cascading Style Sheet display page for CSS Creator please choose a style before coming here.
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