Cascading Style Sheets

Rather new to CSS, Need help on how to approach a design.

TLDR version:
I need some ideas for how to code this mockup:

Long winded version:
Hello everyone, first I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my post and help me out. With out people like you the internet would be a very dark place indeed.

CSS not working in IE (Bacground image below object)

Hi All,

Well this is my first post for help on CSS! Although not strictly a beginner I would be compared to most.

My most recent difficulty is (yes another) IE and FF problem. Firefox works fine, its just IE!

The website I am creating is at The particular problem is with the "entry" class in the css. This seems to extend over its alloted space ie IE, represented by a grey image bar appearing underneath the entry tag where it should only show up in the background of the entry tag.

Adding Text to a Page using CSS

Yes, yes. I know. You use CSS for styling, and put content on the actual page. I know this. However, there is an element in CSS that can be used to add text to a page for the very rare occasions when this is necessary. As much as I wish I had not, I have encountered one such occasion, though it will only be a very temporary thing.

I know that an element such as this exists, but I cannot remember it for the life of me, nor can I find it in any of my books. I read about it a few years back, laughed, and promptly forgot about it figuring I would never need it, but I do now.

What type of align should I use?

Hello, I just created a website from scratch, is there any way I can make it position the layers better? I am using the position: absolute, and as you can see it moves around depending on your resolution or web browser... Is there any better way that I can position the layers, so it will look similar no matter what computer that you are using? Thanks for any help!

Here is the website:


A little bit of IE trouble


Hey all - great forum you have here. I wish I was more of an expert to help others out more.

In any case, I have done a lot of coding to build my site --- it is a redesign of my original site. Everything is working well, except of the layout in IE and Safari. In chrome and firefox, layout is perfect. However, the layout is consistenly off for ie/safari. I know I need to add some sort of padding/margin somewhere to make this fit properly. Where though?

Site validates perfectly.

Thanks guys!

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