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A little bit of IE trouble


Hey all - great forum you have here. I wish I was more of an expert to help others out more.

In any case, I have done a lot of coding to build my site --- it is a redesign of my original site. Everything is working well, except of the layout in IE and Safari. In chrome and firefox, layout is perfect. However, the layout is consistenly off for ie/safari. I know I need to add some sort of padding/margin somewhere to make this fit properly. Where though?

Site validates perfectly.

Thanks guys!

An update on enclosing floats

I got to thinking about inline-block and inline-table and whether their creating a new block formatting context meant that float descendents were enclosed. The obvious next step was to set up a test case or two. Lo and behold, it does.

I have updated my Enclosing float elements demo/tutorial to reflect these findings.



Playing with CSS3

CSS3 offers some serious opportunities for mis-use with the transform and transition properties. Likewise, there are serious opportunities for really visually cool renderings.

As far as I can tell, only Firefox3.1+ (v3.5b) (Gecko 1.9.1b4) and Safari4b support the transforms, and only Safari4b supports transitions. Both browsers use proprietary prefixes for the draft properties; -moz- and -webkit-.

Markup and styling of poetry and verse

I recently had reason to include some verse in a page I was working on. Markup and styles for modern browsers were a breeze. IE was a royal PITA. I wanted to center the verse, but IE just wouldn't cooperate. My methods degraded gracefully, leaving IE typographically OK, but not centered.

Fortunately, Richard Rutter has been writing a series of articles over the last few years, bringing typographic style to the web page.

Rethinking quotations

As many of you know, I published a little write-up in July, 2006, on marking up quotes. After my hosting company went belly up, I rewrote it for my new site earlier this year: "How to Mark Up Quotes".

Lately I've been having second thoughts about the suggested methods for the element. I added a new section to the article, titled, oddly enough, "Second Thoughts".

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