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Can an alternative font be displayed at a different size and weight?

Hi guys.

Here's my problem: I'd prefer Gill Sans over Arial. So I've got my line font-family:"gill sans",arial,sans-serif; in place, and it works fine. Gill Sans is loaded and seems to work. However, it's noticeably smaller and less heavy than Arial, so I'd like to specify a weight and size for each font individually, so that they display roughly interchangeably. At the moment I'm left with a bunch of whitespace because of Gill Sans' diminutive size. Obviously I can't work with the assumption that everyone has Gill Sans installed, so how can I rectify this?

Thanks a bunch.

How can i do rounded corners with drop shadow using pngs


I have a website i'm working on and i need the sub nav on the left to be a rounded white box with a drop shadow. I also need the shadow to appear over a slight gradient. I have managed to do this as 2 pngs files ( top and bottom) but the bottom png is showing the top png below it still.

you can see the two images overlapping at bottom of the box on the left.

Problem with lighbox2 and ul's in IE

I just learned html and css. Studying lightbox2 i was trying to create a folio page but had the following problems:

- Viewing in 1440x900 lightbox looks cropped and aligned left. Works right only on chrome and safari.

- ONLY in IE the unordered lists that hold the thumbnails looks wrong.

Tested in a free domain:

Can anyone help?

please check

please check my site and please comment on this site


fitting divs to content.. :'(

This is driving me insane...
All I want is for my div elements to scale with whatever is inside it...


	<div id="container">
		<div id="upper">
				<div id="left">
					<div id="menu">
						<jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" />
					<div id="quotes">
				<div id="right">
					<div id="wrapper3">
						<div id="edge_t">
							<div id="corner_tr">
						<div id="wrapper4">
					 		<div id="content">
								<jdoc:include type="component" />

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