Cascading Style Sheets

DIV with text does not push down footer


The issue is I have a DIV with text, 2 columns. The columns disappear behind the footer.
I would like the textbox to push down the footer. The footer is position fixed with bottom 0;

Here is my code, very thankful for all help I can get.


@charset "UTF-8";
/* CSS Document */
body {
* {
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;
h3 {

Suckerfish subnav problem in IE ~ drops behind content

I created a nice Suckerfish dropdown menu for my subnavigation, but I'm having one problem with it in IE. The dropdown menu wants to go behind my transparent content area below... rendering the dropdown menu useless. It works fine in Firefox, Safari, and Opera. I checked both the CSS and HTML code for validation and it's all fine. Is this a z-index issue? I tried that for a while, but if it is the solution, I wasn't finding the right place to put it.

Help With Tumblr Theme.

I need Help On How To customize my blog,(tumblr)
now i've been looking everywhere on the internet.
but since tumblr is Not many years old.
Themes and tutorials wouldn't really be none.

Now, Tumblr Does Discuss The Post Blocks.
right here:

^ Yes i understand that, but Not
How to Actrlly Build A Tumblog Layout.
"i reconize CSS, and HTML. but i'm decent.
not good with it, not yet.

could you discuss the propertys for it.
like how can i position my tables,
and customizing my post's.
i'm currectly designing a layout/theme for it,

Hel whit the Style of my Wp web page!!

Hello guys, I have a small problem that I can not answer - perhaps because I am younger css - and I ask your help.

Here is a head buster. Why is there space between my columns?

Hi ya

This is puzzling me big time. Im quite new to CSS, Can any one help me?

I have made a little web page which has two columns with liquid height. But...there is a space between the columns???
Do you know how to remove the space without fixing the width of both columns?

One other thing, why does the right column extend to the right hand side even though I have not set a width? (I want it to do this I just don't understand why it does)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the code I am using:


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