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auto-width block element

Hi all,
is it possible (and if so than how)to create a block element with changing width (according to the text it contains?)
also, considering it is possible, is it possible to asign a minimum width to that block? (if the text it contains if larger than its width, it will expand)


background images dont show in IE

Hi all,
I am working on a webpage using joomla! and superfish menu system
i am trying to design a menu that uses images for its 1st level and plain text for sub-menus.

for that i have been tweaking the Superfish menu CSS file and got nice results in all browsers accept IE. in IE only the :over mode images are showing. regular images dont.

i dont knwo what to do and i have been pulling my hair at this for a few days.
the websites URL is :
my superfish css code is:


Help with full width site

I am building a site with a full width header, navigation and footer and I am wanting to align the nav and footer copy centrally but still have it left aligned. I have tried using text indent but on smaller screen sizes it doesn't work as the copy stays where it is no matter what size screen it is viewed on.

Is this possible? If so how?

Cheers in advanced.


Navigation links alignment problem in IE 6/7 but in IE 8 it works.

Here is my site: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

In IE 8 my navigation links are centered in in the navigation image. In IE 6/7 They just simply wouldn't center like it does in IE 8.
Here is the CSS Code for IE 6
#header h1 {
	padding-bottom: 0; 
	line-height: 13px;
#nav {
	width: 637px;
	margin-left: 305px;
	height: 100%;

Here is the CSS Code for IE 7

#header h1 {
	height: 92px;
	width: 304px;
	margin-right: 300px;
	margin-bottom: -89px;
	line-height: 18px; 
img {

something in my mind, fit width and margin auto

I wish to create a dom container which fit the width of the content size.

like this...

[this is the content this is the content this is the content]
[this is the content]
[this is the content this is the content this is the content this is the content]

but not like this

[this is the content                                                   ]
[this is the content this is the content this is the content           ]


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