Cascading Style Sheets

Wrapper ... which to use ?


Have noticed that different sites specify the page Wrapper as either an ID or a CLASS.

Why the different preferences, and which is the best way to go for a Box-Grid layout ?


image borders


How do I place a border around an image on my page ?

I'm trying to create the page with a box-based layout.


CSS Grid Layout not correct ...



This is a link to my original query in CSS Layouts ...

CSS Grid Layout is not correct ...

As always, any solutions/tips/links/etc would be welcome.



HTML/CSS Grid Layout not correct


Newbie here.

Starting a website/Blog, Might use WordPress when this has been completed.

First page of ProPokerUK - a "holding page" - hoping to use button to change picture.

Problems ...

  1. HEADING - text should be left-aligned, but there is a gap at left side (padding/margin ?)
  2. PICTURE - want the image at edges of frame -
  3. frame is full width, should be columns 1-4.
  4. BUTTUN - should occupy space right/bottom of the PICTURE.

Problem Sticky Header CSS

Good afternoon,

I wanted to make the top header of a template that I'm making stay fixed. I have no problem doing that since I used it.

.header {
position: fixed;
width: 100%;
top: 0px;

The problem is that the content below is now under the header. Then I use

.container {
margin-top: 20px;

The problem is that in responsive you can see blank margins between the header and the container. The container is an image with a title. A hero.

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