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Adding links to specific text on a specific page


I am using Wordpress (Kalium theme) and would like to add links to a specific page/section only.

The specific page is here:

In the section: "Reference files", I would like to add URLs for the following texts:

Circus, Wood - Specifications
Circus, Upholstered - Specifications
Circus, Barstool - Specifications

The files I would like to link (respectively) are on my media server with the following links:

Centering forms with css

Does anyone have any ideas about how to centre a form in CSS wordpress. I've tried every code on the planet and nothing works. This form at is so far to the right, it's falling off the page. Most CSS code online doesn't seem to do anything. Does anyone have a real, working CSS code to centre and to change height and size, not only of forms, but individuals items and boxes? Google captcha now also falling off the page too. I recon I've got the only drunk forms on the net.

Spacing Looks Good On Desktop But Too Much Spacing On Mobile

I'm using a height of 60px on a text section of my home page in order to keep my grid boxes the same height

This is on my site at Dealmazing

This is an image of the grid boxes here

you can I've circled the part i'm asking about.

It looks fine on desktop--but when you get to Mobile it has too much spacing.

Example of that here:

I notice that on mobile if i remove the height it looks perfect, but then if you look at it on desktop, all of the grids are misaligned.

Is it possible to notch a corner at 90 degrees?

I am looking for a way to notch out the corner of a div's background

Simple CSS positioning

I need to fix two elements on a page.
The first element is an .svg image, this one need to be in the middle of the page, always!
The second element is a text line, this one need to be in the bottom/center of the page, always!

The page is ready, but the second element is in the wrong position, it is at the top of the page, but I want it at the bottom.

That's what I've done...

Download link

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