Cascading Style Sheets

A little help please getting a page validated

Hi, I'm sorry to be such an amateur but I can't seem to get this figured out. It would seem inline styling should be able to do it. Here are the errors I get from the validator. Thank you very much if you can help:

Error: Element a not allowed as child of element ul in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)
    From line 94, column 4; to line 94, column 31
    info">↩			<a class="mobile_user_menu">↩				<
    Contexts in which element a may be used:
        Where phrasing content is expected.
    Content model for element ul:

Getting 2 menu items in the same row

Hello- I am developing a site here:
(no SSL so please accept the risk Smile ).

On mobile there are 2 social media icons in my dropdown. These have a CSS Class of hide-on-desktop1 and hide-on-desktop2.

I need them to be on the same line, is this possible?

Thank you


Clicking Hidden Radio Button

Trying to click a hidden radio button, but it's making the image go all wonky. How to fix? Everything seems normal until you click. Then the image remains wonky even after you move the mouse pointer away.

  • The img-clip div constrains the size of the image.
  • The radio-button click area is meant to fill the img-clip region.
  • On hover, the img-clip scales up a little bit, and the image with it.


    <span class="team-member">
      <div class="img-clip">
        <label class="spotlight"
          >Option 1

Simple question on class formatting


I am trying to figure out why something like this works:

a:hover.test {
color: violet;

But something like this doesnt:

margin: 0;

Is this because the a tag is special with it comes to things like hover focus etc...

Thanks for your help

auto insert word in place of code

Hi All,

I have no idea what to use to search for this so hoping someone can answer.

I want to know if it is possible to have a command around, or before a particular word in my webpage that will then auto fill that word into other multiple positions on that page.
example, i have multiple pages for different suburbs for computer repairs services. The sentences will have the suburb in it, i want that to auto change or fill at multiple points in each page from a selected word according to the placement of some code. I want it to auto fill that same word where i place code.

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