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Hello, I am quite new to CSS and I am having one issue with my page. The main picture on my homepage does not move with the rest of the content and I am not sure how to correct this. I am guessing this line of code [background: none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent] has something to do with the movement and placement of the other content, but for some reason I can not successfully apply it to the picture's code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

CSS (Weebly) blog sidebar, content width, scrollbars - Help, please!

Hi, everyone! I am new here and new to CSS!

Hover colour-change not working on nav-bar AND footer background not working.

Hey can anyone have a look at my code on CodePen and see where I am going wrong? I have a drop down menu on the navbar when the screen is reduced, but the ul list a:hover is acting a little strange and highlighting to a different colour on the first option only for a little while and it completely does not highlight on the second option in the menu.

My second problem is the footer where the background colour is not adapting to grey even when the width is spanned 100%.

Here you'll find my code:

Looking for awesome web animations!

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