Help with code for wrapping text to the next line

Hello everyone,

I'm using a Quote block with an author line. But when it's shown responsive, and the author text is wide, the end of the line is shown above itself.

I've tried to use several codes (I'm using SiteOrigin CSS) but without any success.

What do I need to change to get the text in the Authors line normally wrapped to the next line?

An example of an article is

Check the brown colored questionmark.

Thank you

Inherent CSS

Im very new to CSS so I apologize if this is a dumb question...

Is there any inherent CSS classes?

For example, I am trying to make some minor edits to my wordpress theme. All of the featured pictures on my front page are contained within a div class="wrap" and at the end of each featured picture there is a div class="clear". I have looked up both and there is no defined .wrap or .clear. I have been looking everywhere in the editor section of my wordpress site but havent found anything.

site won't center...

Hello, everybody. I need help.
I've been trying to do the layout for this webpage in CSS, but A couple of things have been bothering me.
they both have to deal with centering my webpage.

you can see what I'm working with here, as I'll post the code if you need me to.

In any case, my first and biggest problem is that the site itself will not center, no matter what i do. I've used the usual CSS tag

{margin-left: auto; 
margin-right: auto;

Footer not included in wrapper in IE8. FF, Chrome and Safari are perfect

I have been trying to find the solution for than 8 hours now. Time to get a little bit of help from you guys.

I't really annoying, the footer is nicely included in the wrapper in all browsers but IE. When I look in the source, all div's and /div's are ok, but for some reason IE think's not

Anyway, here is the link to the site.

<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

I have included Firebug Lite.


how can i prevent wrapping of actual floated elements?

i'm trying to figure out how to layout divs in a horizontal row. initially i thought that setting display: inline; would achieve the desired affect, but it doesn't. so now i'm using float: left; on each of the divs.

is this the proper way to position these divs? also, i want all 4 divs to remain in one line, and not wrap based on the width of the browser can i do this?

my code:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

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