Facebook Like button and Fly Out getting cut off!

The site: Compliment Vices
The theme: Imbalance2 by WpShower

Hello folks,

On my article pages there is a facebook like and twitter button hard coded into the theme. I have set a zoom: 80% in #body in the CSS. This is causing both social buttons and the facebook flyout to get cut off pretty bad. I have tried adding some overflow: visibles both in browser with Firebug Lite and in Style.css, no luck yet. Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what i'm talking about.

The Clipping

Can't align or style sidebar

Hi, I'm a bit of a dabbler with CSS; I'm not very good.

I've been experimenting (trial by error) with trying to modify my theme on Wordpress. I can't seem to align the elements in my sidebar with the widgets in the sidebar.

My site is www.sketchbookcloset.com

I'm trying to align my subscribe buttons and ad banners with my tag cloud and archive widgets.

I've been messing with the css and also the sidebar.php but nothing seems to do the trick.

I'd really appreciate any insight.

Menu duplicate when viewed in IE9 (Wordpress)

Hi there.

I'm having a bit of a problem with my Gallery Pro theme by UpThemes. The website displays fine when viewed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but when I view it in Internet Explorer, the image of my menu bar is duplicated and stacked on top of the original.

My site: www.shadowed-images.co.uk

I'm curious to why it does this. Would normally use Firebug in Firefox to find the code but it's useless since Firefox works fine. Anybody care to take a look for me and give me any sort of clue?

Thanks in advance.

Having Trouble With Wordpress Dropdowns

Hi folks,

A client asked me to get his site up to par so that he doesn't need 1,000 widgets to make it operational. I've been working on the following site here on my test server: http://tinyurl.com/cokd8bb

I have managed to get the sidebars widgetized and the menu working, but I am having a problem with the menu dropdowns. Not sure if I missed something in the functions.php file but I don't think I did. From what I remember you could make dropdowns straight from CSS.

Floating Siebar Issue on mobile

Please see the website k.webgen.info on mobile to see what I mean. Notice the right side floating sidebar.
It works well on desktop browsers.

Any help would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance.

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