Having problem resizing WP logo...

Hi folks,
I'm having problems resizing the logo at Linky No matter what changes I make in the CSS, it defaults to 40 x 159. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Custom CSS for my WordPress Theme

Hello everyone.

I am helping a client migrate to a WordPress site, and while I'm not a web designer or programmer, I have pretty well accomplished what my client wants. Please note that the site is not the greatest, but it's what my client wanted.

I have one problem with the theme, which I am starting to think can only be solved with Custom CSS...which I can't do at all. I have tried and tried using Google Tools to figure it out, but I am lost.


Is the WordPress site, and if you go to any of the product listings such as:

Highlight menu parent and child

For a wordpress theme (http://alturl.com/6eu3o) I am trying to get the parent and child page highlighted. Unfortunately its not working at the moment.

Current css:

#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_parent a {
	background-image: url(../images/achtergrond/headerinfo.png);
	background-repeat: repeat-x;
#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_item a {
	background-image: url(../images/achtergrond/headerinfo.png);
	background-repeat: repeat-x;
#outheader #header #navigation #menu ul#nav li.current_page_ancestor a {

Please help regarding slider image and css

Hi I am hoping someone can please help me as I am new to css. I am building a website http://www.testingenviroment.com/megaservices/ this is a wordpress website and has an area where I can add custom css my issue is as follows:

1. On the homepage you will see the image slider however on an individual page lets say the (About Us) page there is no slider I really need to place the slider from the home page on another individual page on my site such as on the about us page, I pressume there is some css code I can enter into the custom css on my site to achieve this?

Wordpress absolute positioning

I'm working on this site: barnevaktene.net and I'm having issues making the layout stay put when changing the browser size. It regulates it so the text goes under the sidebar (which in this case is just an image) , and the search bar also moves under the menu.
I've tried making everything absolute in the positioning, but it's not changing anything.

Anyone know what I can do?

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