Styling a Circular Logo within Thesis Header so it overlays the nav menu

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on styling a circular logo that is within my header. I have the logo styled in a widget that is only added to a specific page within the header (that page has it's own template in the skin editor) . The logo is exactly how I want it except I need it to drop down over the menu instead of under it. I have already tried z-indexing the menu and the logo and that renders the menu useless.

Here is what it looks like:

And here is what I need it to look like:

Here is my widget code:

Broken image over CSS background image

I created a site for a client and added a custom search icon which shows on load and the a broken image displays over it after a second or so. Been racking my brains trying to figure out why and how to get rid of this broken image. This is a wordpress blog... Please help!!!!!


Any help would be much appreciated....

Thanks, Crooksy

Css gurus help to fix menu needed :)

Hi guys. I have a problem with menu on my website
I am using same menu items (brands list) twice: as catalog subitmes and as separate main level menu item. When I select a brand form one of the two options it underlines both catalog and brand list.

How can I fix it with custom Css.

Need assistance with Moving an element correctly in layout.

I'm having some trouble moving a element around, Any help would be appreciated.

Here is my css:

.yotpo.bottomLine.yotpo-small {
position: relative! important;
bottom: 140px! important;

.yotpo-display-wrapper {
position: relative! important;
bottom: 10px! important;

If you view here: you will notice that the review stars are missaligned on the first product.

If you open that product and view it, it appears in the correct place.

CSS customization to a wordpress theme


I'm creating a website using wordpress + Canvas theme, and I'm doing a lot of CSS customization in the menu area. Right now, I have two problems.

1. I can't center the main menu (Yoga, Music, Food, Body...) vertically over its background.

2. The CSS properties I applied work normally on Google Chrome, but on Firefox they don't. And I haven't seen how it is on IE.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix these problems?

Thanks so much in advance. I literally tried everything I could before asking your help. Any help is really really appreciated.

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